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Light Therapy Is The Key To Good Skin.


Good skin is my thing.

But I’ve always been low-maintenance when it comes to salon treatments. Veeerrry low.

I’m time poor, I’m impatient and fast (except in food and sex) is good.

Ageing is now a front and centre concern. Increasingly my skin is needing more help to deal with pigmentation, hydration and glow.

How do I make that happen? Botox? Treatments? Lasers? All of it???

After consultation with my most trusted beauty sources the consensus for the best non-invasive skin treatment was resoundingly this: Omilux Light Therapy Intensive.

I’m borderline evangelical about twenty minute red LED light treatments (I love them) but have never done a boot camp series where red and white light are rotated in twenty minute sessions over a three week period.

And without overstating things it’s simply the best non-invasive skin care treatment in the world.

Used in conjunction with good exfoliation (light peels, microdermabrasion, Thermage – depending on your skin type and age) nothing beats the glow that light generates. I’ve also found light sessions really beneficial when fighting jet lag or exhaustion and also for boosting my mood. If you suffer from PMT – try a session when at its worst and see if the light shifts your headspace.

Big words for big results…THIS is my post treatment skin after three weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about the power of light.



Omilux is a medical grade machine that evenly and safely delivers LED light into the skin. It effectively treats the most common skin problems like acne, fine lines, skin structure, pigmentation, roughest and texture. In a recent study 91%* of subjects reported an improvement in their skin when using Omnilux alone.

There are three different lights that work on different skin issues:  

Omnilux Revive (red light): Treats fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, skin tone and texture. OMNILUX Revive delivers a precise wavelength of visible red light that penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate fibroblast activity to naturally boost the production of collagen. Blood flow increases, leading to greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Skin appears clearer with less fine lines, is plumped up and hydrated.

Omnilux Plus (infra-red white light): Great for mature skin, this invisible light is used in conjunction with the red light for deep skin rejuvenation – deep lines, wrinkles and sagging.  Near-infrared is used for skin rejuvenation and also proven for wound healing.

Omnilux Blue (blue light): Perfect for acne because it works on reducing the bacterial infection and inflammation. Also works really well on rosacea inflammation and promotes healing.




I visited Deborah the head aesthetician at Queen Street Hair & Beauty during my course of treatments and she administered the recommended clinic experience as suggested by Omilux.

To begin, your skin is thoroughly cleansed and then a light glycolic or lactic peel is applied for about five minutes. The peel tingles – not stings – and gives your skin a heavy duty exfoliation. You don’t have to do the peel. My skin just needed a real kick-along because I am hopeless at exfoliating at home. I had one at the first treatment and one on the last.

Once the peel is removed and the skin is clean, the therapist places goggles over your eyes in preparation for the light chosen for your skin issue. My favourite is REVIVE because the results are instant but to get the full rejuvenation benefit of a treatment series I alternated between red and white, session to session.  

The Omnilux machine is lowered over your face (about eight centimetres from your skin) and turned on. 

The light is very bright – blindingly so – but this eases off quickly and becomes a mellow. It’s kinda like the basking in the sun but without the skin damage. Once you get over the initial beams you feel like you’re lying under a Mediterranean sky.

Twenty minutes later (and usually post a lovely foot and hand massage) your treatment is done.



I don’t think I can overstate the awesomeness of this treatment. 

My skin looked visibly better – instantly. After three weeks of dedication my pigmentation had faded and people were commenting on how healthy/rested/great I looked.

My skin (as you can see) is plumper in the cheeks, more even and it’s glowing. I will do an intensive course once a year for the rest of my life.

Omilux has changed (and saved) my skin.

Omilux Treatments start from $90 but vary from salon to salon and are most cost effective when bought in packages.

I had my intensive course with Deborah at Queen Street Hair & Beauty in Sydney.

She’s amazing – call (02) 9328 6514.