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Teresa Palmer Is The Eternal Earth Mother.



Teresa Palmer wears a lot of hats.

The mother of four (Body, Forest, Poet and step-son Isaac) acting careerin-demand actress and most recently she’s added entrepreneur to the roster teaming up with friend Christiane Duigan (the wife of celebrity trainer James Duigan) to create Lovewell— affordable nutritional supplements for mothers and kids.

“We were both so tired. And all the time” Teresa tells me while nursing baby Poet. “ It’s every mothers story isn’t it? Putting the needs of your kids and family before your own. Lovewell was about creating a change and making it simple to prioritise your health”.

“My interest in wellness began when living in Los Angeles, where I was fortunate enough to have access to the world’s leading nutritionists, holistic therapists and health experts. I didn’t think my life could be any busier than my time in Hollywood, but since becoming a mother, I’ve had to juggle a growing family, my career and my kids’ health – all whilst trying to find time to look after myself.” 

Recognised trailblazer, Christiane, co-founded global wellness company, Bodyism with her husband. Chrissy is mother toCharlotte, Leo and Raphaela and echoes Teresa’s sentiments.


“Every day is a juggle and a race. Have the kids had enough vegetables, have I? We wanted to just simplify the process, take away the guilt and make a product that was accessible to everyone”.

“We are living in a time where self-care is typically last on our to-do lists. We started by asking ourselves… ‘what would make life easier?’. The answer was simple – a daily pick me up that provides us with energy, health and nutritional support. We want the Mother to be Mothered.”


”It’s actually just for all time poor women without or without kids” says Teresa. “ Chrissy and I sat down together and said ok what do we want: I want a hit of health, I want my kids to have energy and all the nutrients they need, I want it to be affordable and lets make it fast like chocolate”.

With learning from her husbands globally renound wellness and health company the pair were able to create a direct to consumer model that allowed real investment into the perfect formulation.

“The blends are rich in antioxidants and nutrients.” explains Chrissy. “Blossom is for adults and assists cellular and digestive health. While Growth is suitable for everyone, particularly kids – it works on boosting immunity, cognitive function and strengthening bones”.

Adds Palmer: “I really feel like I’m practicing self-care by drinking my shake every morning. I’ve noticed a difference in my children too; they’re not trying to snack between meals, they seem fuller, calmer and they also just love the taste. It gives me such peace of mind to know that I am meeting their nutritional needs every day.”



The Lovewell range are two plant-based shakes, or smoothies, called Blossom and Grow which have been made with leading nutritionists and naturopaths to help give nutritional support to families. These are the ingredients that make it so super.

Active Vitamin B Complex: B vitamins are important for normal healthy blood formation, and mental and physical energy. These natural B vitamins contain coenzymes which are biologically active, therefore superior to synthetic vitamins. These natural vitamins are fat soluble due to the presence of the coenzymes, allowing them to stay in and replenish the body for longer. 

Pea and Hemp Protein: protein is the essential building block for crystal clear skin, silky hair and strong nails. But not all protein is created equal: hemp protein contains the perfect dose of Omega-6 and Omega-3, whilst pea protein offers the most concentrated levels of plant-based protein.

Fermented supergreens: helps alkalise the body and neutralise acidic foods, like red meat and caffeine, which can cause lethargy and lacklustre skin.

Marine calcium: is a very potent plant derived calcium and magnesium complex from Lithothamnion algae.

Maca: Maca is the fairy godmother of hormone health. When formulating Blossom, we had all the mamas in mind; particularly all the hormone changes our bodies go through pre, during and post pregnancy. We wanted to include a powerhouse to support hormone health overall, and in particular help in balancing hormones, encourage fertility hormones, suppress cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone), boost energy, offer relief from PMS symptoms and support adrenals.

Tremella: is a powerhouse in terms of helping your body naturally produce collagen and naturally mimic hyaluronic acid which combined are powerful when it comes to skin health and overall wellness.

Lion’s Mane: a superfood incredibly potent in its efficacy for organ function and nerve health, as well as aiding in digestion (both digestive tract and stomach lining), symptoms of anxiety, heart health, immune support, cognitive function and memory.




Make-Up Have To Have: Heliocare Tinted Sunscreen

Fragrance: I’m allergic to perfume sadly so I just carry around the smell of vomit and poo from my kids!

Sweet or Savoury: Sweet. Chocolate Covered Almonds from Haigs

I Can Go On A Holiday Tomorrow To…The Maldives


Make-Up Have To Have: Artisitry Tinted Moisturiser is my life!

Fragrance: Winter by Dasein

Sweet or Savoury: It’s chocolate! I am obsessed with chocolate croissant.

I Can Go On A Holiday Tomorrow To… The Maldives. Anywhere there is a no shoe rule – I’m in.