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The Radiance Factor.


Hands up if you’ve struggled to find a foundation that makes your skin glow but doesn’t disappear an hour after application?

That would be me.

Post 40, my skin needs are changing. I want a product with decent coverage, all day endurance and a whole world of radiance boosting properties.

That’s a big ask.

However, the trend toward hybrid make-up has created a new generation of foundations that are perfect for these kind of mature skin needs. Combining skin science with make-up technology, they’re designed to treat your skin while they enhance and conceal.

So, I was super excited to road-test Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation – a much-hyped, hybrid formulation which bridges the gap between glow and endurance.

I’ve tried many, many foundations in my time (TOO MANY!) and Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation is impressive.

Top marks for long wear, affordability and my all important glow.

Here’s what makes it magical.



THE WHAT: Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation is medium to high coverage foundation with the hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid and SPF 30 protection. Overtime these additional ingredients will help reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine lines.

WHY I LOVE IT: The first thing I noticed about Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation was the texture. Traditional long wear foundations can feel chalky and dry but this foundation feels closer to a moisturiser. It’s light, non sticky and you can literally see the glow particles in the formulation.

It feels expensive despite the competitive price point.

I applied it using my fingers (I like to warm foundation with my skin temperature) and found that a little goes a long way. It’s infinitely blendable which for a high coverage foundation is impressive.

It glides over the skin and is almost goof-proof in its ease of application. Perhaps assisted by the light-reflecting micro-pearls which blur the surface and dial up your glow.

The real test? Just how long does it last without wearing off? On me, it stayed put and looked fresh for eight hours without a problem. The only day I needed to touch up was when it was 38 degrees and even then, I didn’t need much.

The texture of Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation makes it very easy to build there’s no need to start from scratch. The hydration properties keep your skin soft, so on days you do need more coverage you can just build over the original application.

Hand on heart: I’ve never found a long wear foundation that didn’t dehydrate my skin. Until now.

GOOD TO KNOW: Hybrid makeup contains benefits and textures that we associate with skin care products. This style of make-up is ideal for skin over 35 that needs extra hydration, protection and nourishment as it ages.

From total coverage foundations with ultra-light textures, exfoliating lip products and face powders with physical sunscreen, it’s a high performance category that is using skin science to change the way make-up looks and feels.


I’ve known Max Factor Make-Up Artist Liz Kelsh for years. I always learn a new trick when we work together.

Liz is the queen of glowy skin and smoky eyes – and because she’s a working mum she understands the need for easy application and make-up that has staying power.

Here, she shows you how to dial up the glow using a ‘Prep, Perfect, Enhance and Set’ routine with hero products from the Max Factor Radiant Lift Collection.

“The secret to creating an all day glow look is building illuminating products,” she said. “Layering one at a time to control the coverage and build the right radiance for your skin type”


1.Max Factor Miracle Prep Primer: “ I love this primer because it’s not sticky or heavy. Take two pumps and gently massage into your skin. You’ll feel an instant hydration and create the perfect canvas for your foundation”

2. Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation: “This is truly one of the best foundations I’ve ever used because the finish is so luxe. Use your fingers to apply it evenly – don’t forget to blend along the jawline and into the neck. You’ll see the little micro-blurring pearls in action straight away. Apply a little more in areas you might need it like around the nose, on the tip of the chin and between the brows”

3. Max Factor Radiant Lift Concealer: “The cushion applicator on this concealer is genius. Dot a little under the eyes and then carefully blend to the edges – you’ll see the light reflecting powders immediately make your eyes look more awake and radiant”.

4. Max Factor Miracle Glow Pro Illuminator: “This is a universal highlighter – the shade literally suits every skin tone. What I like about this one is the texture – it doesn’t sit on the skin like a mirror ball. Apply it in the areas you want light to hit – cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of the nose, cupids bow – and watch how the sheen just melts into your skin. It’s like sitting in candlelight”.

5. Max Factor Lasting Performance Setting Spray: “This is the first setting spray from Max Factor and it’s a winner. Charged with cucumber extract it soothes while it sets. Mist it on liberally when you’ve finished applying your make-up and the anti-smudge technology in the spray will keep your make-up looking fresh even longer. And wait til you smell it!”.



Max Factor Miracle Prep Primer, $29.95; Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation, $39.95; Max Factor Radiant Lift Concealer, $27.95; Max Factor Miracle Glow Pro Illuminator, $24.95; Max Factor Lasting Performance Setting Spray, $24.95