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Three Ways To Winterise Your Look.


Australia is the land of Almost Winter which means there is wisdom in finding extra mileage in the summer side of your wardrobe.

Here are three easy ways to winterise your warm weather favourites.

1.Pants Under A Skirt

No this was not a typo.

This trend is here and before you laugh at it and me….try it.

More flattering than you imagine, the key is in playing around with your proportions. You’re not throwing on a pair of harem pants under a mini skirt – you want one piece to have volume and one piece to be lean.

Got it?

Slim mini skirt with palazzo pants, full skirt with skinny ankle jeans, maxi with leather tights.

Have some fun with this one. The whole look is meant to be a little unhinged but I promise a skirt has never been this comfortable.


2. Turn It Into A Tunic.

If your favourite frock or is too short for winter temperatures consider turning it into a tunic top and wear over jeans, tights or leather pants.

Slip a blazer over the top or a scarf around your neck and you’ll instantly winterise the look.

Just be mindful of the hem length – mid-thigh is best – any longer and it will look shorter and wider.

3. Throw A Coat On It.

This one is obvious, easy and flattering.

Nothing looks chicer or sleeker than a long line coat over a summer outfit. It was Jackie Kennedy’s fall-back look and every bit as fabulous and relevant in 2015.

A trenchcoat is perfect but pale pink, crimson and camel are all good coat colour options for this season.