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Turn Your Travel Snaps Into Art.


Last month, I travelled to Paris for the launch of Huawei P30 Series ( the P30 and P30 Pro smart phones with a camera like I’ve never experienced) and it got me thinking about how the cameras in our phones have changed the way we document travel.

It’s so easy to snap, snap, snap.

But once you’re home what happens to all those great shots? More often than not, they sit in the cloud, maybe you share them on Instagram but most of the time they end up as distant digital memories.

So on this trip, armed with this amazing new phone, I decided to photograph with purpose. I turned my lens on the pieces of Paris that I love the most. The details, the doors (like the ones I shot in Versailles above), the light on the buildings, the people….

Every shot I took was with the intention of printing and framing them for my home.


I am obsessed with the doors in Paris. I took this one in The Marais and the colours and detail have made the most gorgeous image.



Wandering the streets of Paris with my partner in snapping, Kate Waterhouse. The Huawei P30 Pro comes in two beautiful colours Breathing Crystal and Aurora which is the colour we’re using (above).

I was given a Huawei P30 Pro to road-test while in Paris (it launches in Australia on April 16) and the “P” must stand for photography because the camera in this handset has set a new bench mark.

Words don’t do the super powers of this camera justice – the detail that it captures is truly astounding.

The tech explanation lies in the development of a RYYB sensor which works almost in the reverse to the traditional RGB sensors most phone cameras rely on. The RYYB sensor allows the Huawei P30 Pro to capture 40 per cent more light which means you can quite literally take a shot in the dark (night mode) and end up with a detailed image – it’s like a magic trick. The standard Photo Mode pretty much turned me into Herb Ritts.

Below is a visual example of Huawei P30 Pro wowness: I downloaded a picture straight from the phone and had it printed (super cheaply) at AO size.

No re-sizing or enhancement – just phone, printer, wall. Look at the scale compared to me and then look at the detail.

I mean…it’s breathaking.


The Huawei P30 Pro has three main rear cameras which mean you can shoot any scenario in multiple ways.

My favourites are the Wide Mode which makes panoramic simple and also allows you to get greater vertical depth (perfect for shooting monuments and high ceiling room etc) and Pro Mode which functions like a manual camera. So you can set everything from shutter speed to aperture.

However the real star on this phone is the zoom: an optically stabilised x 50 telephoto lens means that you can zoom to the top of the tallest building that’s almost out of eye sight and take a picture that looks like you were standing metres away.

It’s like something from the Jetsons.



If you’re not a stickler for professional-quality images then printing is as easy as a trip to Office Works. And frames don’t have to cost a fortune either. These black frames are all from Kmart – they have no glass just an acetate gel which makes them super light and easy to hang.

My framed photos take me right back to those special Paris moments…now I just need to get around to hanging them.



Think About What Will Look Good In A Frame And Play With Colour And Light…

I flew to Paris as a guest of Huawei. This is not a sponsored post. All editorial ideas an opinions are my own.