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Everything You Need To Know About Thermage.

Thermage FLX is considered the gold standard for targeting volume loss and sagging skin without injecting, needling or downtime.

Non-invasive and rejuvenative, the treatment uses radiofrequency energy (RFE) to heat the skin’s dermis and stimulate new collagen production.

Gwyneth loves it. Jennifer loves it. It’s a celeb over 45 thing.

I tried it for the first time last year and was very happy with the results.

The recomendation for maintenence is a treatment every twelve months and this year, I added the eye area (to provide a lift) and the neck (beacuse THE NECK!!!)

I was in the safe hands of Dr Flora Galoustian at Skin Renu who has been practicing Thermage for two decades.

There is nothing about this treatment she does not know.

My Treatment Step-By-Step.


There is no sugar coating it – Thermage is truly painful. 

Particularly along the jaw line and the neck bones – anywhere there is less padding of fat or muscle – however the fuller parts of the face are more than manegable and didn’t hurt at all.

The key is the a highly skilled doctor that works from one side of the face to another and is sensitive to your pain threshold.

The appearance of my skin straight after the treatment was amazing.  There was no redness or swelling just genuine tightness that kept improving each day.

Thermage gives natural and real results which improve over time.

I’m a convert.


Q & A With Dr Flora Galoustian, Skin Renu


What is Thermage FLX?

Thermage FLX is the newest generation of Thermage technologies known for non-invasively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for an overall younger looking appearance. The system uses patented radiofrequency technology to create a uniform heating effect in the deep collagen-rich layers of the skin.

Who is the ideal candidate? 

Anyone over the age of 30 years old and for anyone over 40 years old it’s a must.

What is involved in the treatment?

RF is delivered in controlled pulses to the dermal layer of the skin where collagen is formed. During the pulse the surface of the skin is cooled, all the energy is directed where it will stimulate the formation of fibroblasts where collagen is formed.

What areas on the face and/or body can be treated?

One of the best things about Thermage FLX is its versatility, its new optimised energy delivery algorithm, known as AccuREP™ technology, automatically measures and precisely tunes the amount of energy delivered to the patient and treatment are. Treatment areas include: face, neck, eyelids, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs and knees.

Is it possible to treat the entire face at once?

The system also features a new vibrating hand-piece to help enhance patient comfort, and a new, larger treatment tip that reduces treatment time by 25 percent allowing you to treat the face and neck at once.

What issues is Thermage best at targeting?

Skin laxity, thinned skin is plumped

What areas on the face and/or body can be treated?

One of the best things about Thermage FLX is its versatility, its new optimised energy delivery algorithm, known as AccuREP™ technology, automatically measures and precisely tunes the amount of energy delivered to the patient and treatment are. Treatment areas include: face, neck, eyelids, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs and knees.

What results can you expect straight after the treatment? And then in two weeks? Six months?

With only one treatment required to see results, you can see an immediate lift and feel tightening but this your existing collagen being tightened. For most patients, measurable results appear gradually in the two to six months following a single treatment session and can last for 1-2 years depending on the individual’s skin condition and ageing process.

Is Thermage safe if pregnant or breastfeeding?

Thermage is not recommended for pregnant women; however, breastfeeding mothers can be treated.

Are there certain skin types that should avoid it?

That’s the great thing about Thermage – it is suitable for all skin types.

Is there down time and what does it look like?

The beauty of this gentle heating treatment is that it tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen, all with little-to-no downtime for the patient. No special care is required afterward, aside from basic skin maintenance and sunscreen as part of a regular skincare regime.

What are potential adverse reactions?

In the hands of a skilled, trained therapist there really aren’t any. Some patients have temporary redness or minor swelling after the treatment, but this usually goes away within 24 hours with most patients returning to their regular activities immediately following treatment.

What Does Thermage Cost?

Treatments are based on area. Thermage on both you face and neck costs $2850 but half a face will cost around $1950.


For a consultation call (02) 99555 9506 or head to www.skinrenu.com.au

The Tan That’s Changing Everything

The Tan That’s Changing Everything


I’m Jules Von Hep, celebrity tanning expert, lover of individuality, giver of glows, champion of body confidence and pioneer of feel good! I have worked in the tanning industry for over 10 years, bronzing up Hollywood’s finest and travelling the world with A List celebrities, getting models golden backstage at fashion week, in and out of celebrity homes and on and off TV sets.



The Radiance Factor.

The Radiance Factor.


Hands up if you’ve struggled to find a foundation that makes your skin glow but doesn’t disappear an hour after application?

That would be me.

Post 40, my skin needs are changing. I want a product with decent coverage, all day endurance and a whole world of radiance boosting properties.

That’s a big ask.

However, the trend toward hybrid make-up has created a new generation of foundations that are perfect for these kind of mature skin needs. Combining skin science with make-up technology, they’re designed to treat your skin while they enhance and conceal.

So, I was super excited to road-test Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation – a much-hyped, hybrid formulation which bridges the gap between glow and endurance.

I’ve tried many, many foundations in my time (TOO MANY!) and Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation is impressive.

Top marks for long wear, affordability and my all important glow.

Here’s what makes it magical.



THE WHAT: Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation is medium to high coverage foundation with the hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid and SPF 30 protection. Overtime these additional ingredients will help reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine lines.

WHY I LOVE IT: The first thing I noticed about Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation was the texture. Traditional long wear foundations can feel chalky and dry but this foundation feels closer to a moisturiser. It’s light, non sticky and you can literally see the glow particles in the formulation.

It feels expensive despite the competitive price point.

I applied it using my fingers (I like to warm foundation with my skin temperature) and found that a little goes a long way. It’s infinitely blendable which for a high coverage foundation is impressive.

It glides over the skin and is almost goof-proof in its ease of application. Perhaps assisted by the light-reflecting micro-pearls which blur the surface and dial up your glow.

The real test? Just how long does it last without wearing off? On me, it stayed put and looked fresh for eight hours without a problem. The only day I needed to touch up was when it was 38 degrees and even then, I didn’t need much.

The texture of Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation makes it very easy to build there’s no need to start from scratch. The hydration properties keep your skin soft, so on days you do need more coverage you can just build over the original application.

Hand on heart: I’ve never found a long wear foundation that didn’t dehydrate my skin. Until now.

GOOD TO KNOW: Hybrid makeup contains benefits and textures that we associate with skin care products. This style of make-up is ideal for skin over 35 that needs extra hydration, protection and nourishment as it ages.

From total coverage foundations with ultra-light textures, exfoliating lip products and face powders with physical sunscreen, it’s a high performance category that is using skin science to change the way make-up looks and feels.


I’ve known Max Factor Make-Up Artist Liz Kelsh for years. I always learn a new trick when we work together.

Liz is the queen of glowy skin and smoky eyes – and because she’s a working mum she understands the need for easy application and make-up that has staying power.

Here, she shows you how to dial up the glow using a ‘Prep, Perfect, Enhance and Set’ routine with hero products from the Max Factor Radiant Lift Collection.

“The secret to creating an all day glow look is building illuminating products,” she said. “Layering one at a time to control the coverage and build the right radiance for your skin type”


1.Max Factor Miracle Prep Primer: “ I love this primer because it’s not sticky or heavy. Take two pumps and gently massage into your skin. You’ll feel an instant hydration and create the perfect canvas for your foundation”

2. Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation: “This is truly one of the best foundations I’ve ever used because the finish is so luxe. Use your fingers to apply it evenly – don’t forget to blend along the jawline and into the neck. You’ll see the little micro-blurring pearls in action straight away. Apply a little more in areas you might need it like around the nose, on the tip of the chin and between the brows”

3. Max Factor Radiant Lift Concealer: “The cushion applicator on this concealer is genius. Dot a little under the eyes and then carefully blend to the edges – you’ll see the light reflecting powders immediately make your eyes look more awake and radiant”.

4. Max Factor Miracle Glow Pro Illuminator: “This is a universal highlighter – the shade literally suits every skin tone. What I like about this one is the texture – it doesn’t sit on the skin like a mirror ball. Apply it in the areas you want light to hit – cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of the nose, cupids bow – and watch how the sheen just melts into your skin. It’s like sitting in candlelight”.

5. Max Factor Lasting Performance Setting Spray: “This is the first setting spray from Max Factor and it’s a winner. Charged with cucumber extract it soothes while it sets. Mist it on liberally when you’ve finished applying your make-up and the anti-smudge technology in the spray will keep your make-up looking fresh even longer. And wait til you smell it!”.



Max Factor Miracle Prep Primer, $29.95; Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation, $39.95; Max Factor Radiant Lift Concealer, $27.95; Max Factor Miracle Glow Pro Illuminator, $24.95; Max Factor Lasting Performance Setting Spray, $24.95



Light Therapy Is The Key To Good Skin.

Light Therapy Is The Key To Good Skin.


Good skin is my thing.

But I’ve always been low-maintenance when it comes to salon treatments. Veeerrry low.

I’m time poor, I’m impatient and fast (except in food and sex) is good.

Ageing is now a front and centre concern. Increasingly my skin is needing more help to deal with pigmentation, hydration and glow.

How do I make that happen? Botox? Treatments? Lasers? All of it???

After consultation with my most trusted beauty sources the consensus for the best non-invasive skin treatment was resoundingly this: Omilux Light Therapy Intensive.

I’m borderline evangelical about twenty minute red LED light treatments (I love them) but have never done a boot camp series where red and white light are rotated in twenty minute sessions over a three week period.

And without overstating things it’s simply the best non-invasive skin care treatment in the world.

Used in conjunction with good exfoliation (light peels, microdermabrasion, Thermage – depending on your skin type and age) nothing beats the glow that light generates. I’ve also found light sessions really beneficial when fighting jet lag or exhaustion and also for boosting my mood. If you suffer from PMT – try a session when at its worst and see if the light shifts your headspace.

Big words for big results…THIS is my post treatment skin after three weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about the power of light.



Omilux is a medical grade machine that evenly and safely delivers LED light into the skin. It effectively treats the most common skin problems like acne, fine lines, skin structure, pigmentation, roughest and texture. In a recent study 91%* of subjects reported an improvement in their skin when using Omnilux alone.

There are three different lights that work on different skin issues:  

Omnilux Revive (red light): Treats fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, skin tone and texture. OMNILUX Revive delivers a precise wavelength of visible red light that penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate fibroblast activity to naturally boost the production of collagen. Blood flow increases, leading to greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Skin appears clearer with less fine lines, is plumped up and hydrated.

Omnilux Plus (infra-red white light): Great for mature skin, this invisible light is used in conjunction with the red light for deep skin rejuvenation – deep lines, wrinkles and sagging.  Near-infrared is used for skin rejuvenation and also proven for wound healing.

Omnilux Blue (blue light): Perfect for acne because it works on reducing the bacterial infection and inflammation. Also works really well on rosacea inflammation and promotes healing.




I visited Deborah the head aesthetician at Queen Street Hair & Beauty during my course of treatments and she administered the recommended clinic experience as suggested by Omilux.

To begin, your skin is thoroughly cleansed and then a light glycolic or lactic peel is applied for about five minutes. The peel tingles – not stings – and gives your skin a heavy duty exfoliation. You don’t have to do the peel. My skin just needed a real kick-along because I am hopeless at exfoliating at home. I had one at the first treatment and one on the last.

Once the peel is removed and the skin is clean, the therapist places goggles over your eyes in preparation for the light chosen for your skin issue. My favourite is REVIVE because the results are instant but to get the full rejuvenation benefit of a treatment series I alternated between red and white, session to session.  

The Omnilux machine is lowered over your face (about eight centimetres from your skin) and turned on. 

The light is very bright – blindingly so – but this eases off quickly and becomes a mellow. It’s kinda like the basking in the sun but without the skin damage. Once you get over the initial beams you feel like you’re lying under a Mediterranean sky.

Twenty minutes later (and usually post a lovely foot and hand massage) your treatment is done.



I don’t think I can overstate the awesomeness of this treatment. 

My skin looked visibly better – instantly. After three weeks of dedication my pigmentation had faded and people were commenting on how healthy/rested/great I looked.

My skin (as you can see) is plumper in the cheeks, more even and it’s glowing. I will do an intensive course once a year for the rest of my life.

Omilux has changed (and saved) my skin.

Omilux Treatments start from $90 but vary from salon to salon and are most cost effective when bought in packages.

I had my intensive course with Deborah at Queen Street Hair & Beauty in Sydney.

She’s amazing – call (02) 9328 6514.


Whiter Teeth In Two Weeks?

Whiter Teeth In Two Weeks?



When it comes to teeth discolouration, coffee, tea and red wine are three of the biggest offenders .

I drink all three.

Sometimes daily…which means keeping my teeth bright and white is a full time job.

I’ve tried all the whitening toothpastes (some work, some don’t), charcoal pastes and even those at-home bleaching trays which left my teeth far too sensitive to anything cold or hot.

Then a beauty editor friend told me about a mouthwash that whitens teeth more effectively than just brushing.

It’s also far less abrasive and works on your oral health at the same time.

Enter Listerine Bright White: a mouthwash which helps lift stubborn stains from your teeth and form a protective shield against new stains forming. A unique whitening formulation which contains lemon and salt means that you’ll notice results in just two weeks.

Honestly, they had at me lemon and salt.



Listerine Bright White helps to eliminate bacteria that brushing leaves behind in your mouth. Including those on the tongue, mouth walls, gum lines and spaces in between teeth that are hard to reach with just a toothbrush.

CLICK TO BUY: Listerine Bright White, $8.50


Mouthwash was a new habit I need to form. A twice a day swish then spit after two minutes of teeth brushing.

I very quickly have become addicted to a super clean feeling that brushing has never given me.

Much of this is down to the taste. I have never liked the heavy, minty taste that dominate most mouthwash formulas.

Listerine Bright White is very different and tastes like a potent combination of lemon and salt. Here, (finally) is a mouthwash I actually enjoyed using. Of course there is some adjustment to routine, sensation and taste but by the end of the first week I was looking forward to the ritual.

Dentists agree that brushing alone will not kill all the bacteria in your mouth. In fact it only reaches only 25 per cent of germs leaving millions behind. That’s where mouthwash plays such an important role.

It felt like Listerine Bright White was attacking, eliminating and working on my all over oral care.

After two weeks of twice daily swishing my teeth most definitely look whiter and I don’t know how it’s possible but they are also shinier.

Like Taylor Swift teeth. Gleaming.

I’m hooked. This is a thing I’m going to continue.